Demolition is a combination of high risk activities that requires meticulous planning, coordination and execution to ensure the safety and protection of personnel, structures and the environment. Mineforce Australia has extensive experience in the demolition and relocation of large structures throughout the mining and heavy industrial sectors in Australia. We have built a reputation for delivering the results that our clients expect, on technically challenging projects and in varied conditions and terrains.

It’s the expertise and experience of our team that guarantees the success of our projects.  Each project comprises a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team with backgrounds in engineering, dismantling, traditional demolition, material handling, environmental and remediation.  Combined with more than 17 years’ industry experience, these skills enable us to precisely select the best methods, equipment and materials required for the intricacies of the job.  We work closely with our clients through each phase, adapting to changing or sensitive circumstances and providing innovative and safe demolition solutions.

Core Capabilities

We have the proven ability for dismantling and relocation of single pieces of plant and equipment to entire facilities in both closed and congested areas adjacent to operating units.  When relocating expensive plant and equipment, we carefully coordinate and manage work to ensure it can be quickly re-commissioned at the new location.  Over the years, we have provided services to clients in urban and remote locations around Australia.