Construction Ramps Up at the Townsville Port

12th November 2013

Mineforce Australia is currently onsite at the Townsville Port undertaking vital upgrades to Berth 8 that will increase the loading capacity of mineral concentrates and maintain future exports.

The project involves relocation of current shipping operations from Berth 7 to Berth 8 and the installation of a new conveyor system, including two new conveyors, a new ship loader and associated bulk material handling infrastructure.

Construction is in full swing with the first modules of the second conveyor gallery to be lifted and installed this week.  The modules will be assembled on trestles and connected along Berth 8 to form a 243m long conveyor.  Various steel erection and sheeting works are also occurring simultaneously across three new transfer towers and the associated mechanical, piping and electrical works are also well underway across the site.

A major milestone for the project was achieved in September with the modules for one of the new conveyor galleries being successfully installed.  The installation across water presented numerous challenges, which Mineforce were able to overcome through the strengths and expertise of its team.

Significant planning and preparation by the team continues to ensure the project progresses smoothly and efficiently.  Through their efforts, the delivery of a quality end result is on track for handover early next year.

Mineforce Australia is excited to be working on such a key project in North Queensland and pleased to be delivering successful outcomes for its client.

Please click here to read the full article on the Townsville Bulletin website.

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