Mineforce Australia Tackles Sponsorship in Australia's Most Famous Mining City

12th March 2014

Mineforce Australia is excited to be teaming up with Broken Hill United Rugby League Football Club's 1st Grade Team, in a season that will be as rough and tough as the history of the great 'Silver City' itself.

Broken Hill has a rich mining history of more than 130 years and is one of Australia's most important and longest-lived mining towns.  The newfound mineral wealth of the city in 1883; the richest in the world; enabled the city to support Australia through two world wars, two global depressions and endless social change.

Broken Hill's legacy is one of strength, camaraderie and resilience amidst a notorious backdrop of challenging work conditions and economic booms and busts.  These values continue to encapsulate the Broken Hill psyche today, and also resonate through all of Mineforce Australia's operations.

"Mineforce Australia was built off the back of its team, quality work, honesty and reliability, and these values still hold true today.  Over the last decade we have built a reputation for successfully delivering projects in challenging conditions," Mineforce Australia General Manager, John Kennedy, said.

"This sponsorship is an opportunity to support a fantastic and longstanding football club in an iconic city where Australian mining originated and still thrives today, and which shares the same values of our own company."

View the club's Facebook Page to see all of the action.

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