Berth 8 Upgrade

  • Client:Xstrata Copper
  • Location:Townsville Port
  • Timeline:2012 - 2014
  • Contract Value:$22 Million approx
  • Contract Type:Lump Sum
  • Services:
    • Design & Detailing
    • Offshore & Onshore Fabrication
    • Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical & Instrumentation Installation

Client Need

Due to aging infrastructure, Xstrata Port Operations undertook a major initiative at the Townsville Port to relocate its shipping operations from Berth 7 to Berth 8 and in the process, to significantly increase the loading capacity of mineral concentrates and other bulk materials. The relocation required two new conveyors, a new ship loader and associated bulk material handling infrastructure designed to increase capacity from 1200 tonnes per hour to 3000 tonnes per hour and service vessels up to Panamax size. The client developed a comprehensive design and implementation strategy which was aimed at utilising modular building packages to achieve the project goals around Safety, Time, Cost and Quality.

Project Description

Mineforce were contracted to carry out the detailing, fabrication and construction of the new out-loading system comprising conveyors, transfer towers, and services. We were also responsible for the engineering on the new tubular conveyor structure which spans between berths.

The new infrastructure ties into the existing out-loading system near the storage facility adjacent to Berth 7. Following the product route, a new transfer tower redirects the product to Berth 8 via the new 145m long tubular conveyor. Once at Berth 8, a second new transfer tower directs the product onto a new 250m long tripper conveyor to the shiploader. There is also a new head tower supporting the far end of the tripper conveyor.

The conveyors were designed and built in modules to facilitate a cost effective installation. The sixteen (16) conveyor modules were fabricated and assembled prior to transporting to site – the largest modules being 8.7m x 11m high and up to 36m long.

A significant amount of engineering work was completed to ensure our 300T crawler crane could carry out the module lifts at site. The new Berth 8 wharf had load restrictions that required load spreading crane matts and Lennon Drive required geotechnical assessment of embankment stability.

Mineforce were engaged toward the end of the clients design phase, but we were able to inject our practical knowledge into the fabrication detailing and erectability of the new out-loading system.

The works completed by Mineforce will play an integral part in safeguarding future exports for Xstrata Copper, its partners and the Port of Townsville.

Scope of Work

  • EPC contract
  • Design, fabricate and erect CV10 Conveyor
  • Fabricate and erect 3x Transfer Towers
  • Fabricate and erect CV11 Conveyor
  • Fabricate and erect steelwork and precast panels for MCC Building
  • Install Tripper Car and tie in to new Shiploader
  • Electrical and Instrumentation works
  • Mechanical and piping works
  • Tie-in and commissioning of system

Highlights & Achievements

  • The new system has more than doubled the capacity of the previous out-loading system and will allow significant future expansion of bulk material exports including zinc concentrates, lead concentrates, magnetite and fertilizer.
  • The project has built upon our key relationship with Glencore, Xstrata and Mount Isa Mines spanning more than a decade and has showcased our full suite of services including project management, fabrication, machining and installation, along with engineering design and detailing.
  • Over 1200T of steel structures in the project, the majority being modular preassembled structures.
  • The conveyor designed and built by Mineforce for this project utilises a tubular design very similar to the conveyors installed by Mineforce at the Townsville Port back in 1998.
  • Opportunity to deliver on our sustainability commitments for safety, environment, community and quality.
  • Shored up our long term relationships with local suppliers and key partners in the greater Townsville region
  • Timely completion of the project has ensured our client is prepared and ready to take delivery of their new shiploader when it arrives.