Mission, Vision, Values


Mineforce will at all times be -

  • respected for our integrity when dealing with clients, partners and our workforce;
  • valued for the quality of the products and services we deliver;
  • admired for the enthusiasm and expertise of our people;
  • consistent in our ability to succeed beyond expectations; and
  • recognised across our industry for our commitment to excellence.


Mineforce will deliver construction, project management and steel fabrication services across Australia to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. In achieving this, we will maintain our commitment to quality, be flexible in our ability to meet client requirements, be honest in our dealings with others and create acknowledged benefit for our clients and our business partners.

We are committed to maintaining a safe workplace and to maintaining the sustainability of the natural environment in which we operate. We are committed to our team and to the skills, knowledge and shared values that underpin our success.

We will maintain our focus on ensuring Mineforce meets its profit, quality and growth goals.


These values guide and direct all aspects of Mineforce's operations, business development and administrative activities.

  • Integrity - we will always be fair and honest in our working relationships with our clients, our business partners and each other.
  • Reliability - our business is built on our ability to deliver on time, every time, this is what our clients expect of us, and what we expect of ourselves.
  • Reputation - our reputation is paramount to our business, we will always strive to enhance our reputation and to avoid any actions or activities that could damage this valuable asset.
  • Flexibility - the wants and needs of our clients are our first consideration, we will at all times try to maintain the flexibility needed to understand and satisfy client requirements.
  • Mutuality - our success as a company can only be sustained if that success is mutual to our clients our subcontractors, our suppliers and our team.
  • Quality - we seek to achieve excellence in all areas of our business, in our internal operations and through the consistent quality of the products and services we deliver.
  • Safety & environment - we are totally committed to our safety and the safety of those who work with us, as we are to the sustainability of the natural environment in which we operate.
  • Team - our success will always be dependent on our skills, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, how well we work for each other and our collective commitment to excellence.