Project Management

Mineforce Australia operates three separate but integrated divisions, led by our Projects Division and supported by our Fabrication Division and Plant & Equipment Hire Division.

At Mineforce Australia, we help our clients achieve their organisational objectives through offering EPC and management services.

We deliver a range of key benefits to our clients based on our operational flexibility, our reliability as a partner and our commitment to delivering mutual success for our clients and our suppliers.

Our approach

Our project management approach is based on ensuring we have an initial comprehensive understanding of our clients’ specific needs in relation to the project and more importantly, the outcomes they are striving to achieve. With this knowledge, we are able to:

  • Review proposed construction methods and apply our expertise to develop initiatives and ideas for achieving efficiencies in both time and cost.
  • Form close partnership with our clients, including project managers, contract representatives and operational managers, to ensure key drivers of safety, cost, time, quality, scope and above all, client satisfaction are understood and delivered across all areas of the project.
  • Establish a tailored fit of people and processes to achieve targeted project outcomes, as we understand that every client and every project is unique.
  • Mobilise a project team that owns and understands the Mineforce values and integrates these values with those of the client.
  • Initiate risk management processes that ensure input from all project stakeholders and facilitate early risk identification and regular review.

Core capabilities

  • Identifying and delivering benefits to our clients through all stages of the project life cycle.
  • Providing the full suite of services including design, detailing, fabrication, construction and commissioning.
  • Utilising the strengths and expertise of our multi-disciplined team to deliver results in Civil, SMP and E&I projects
  • Providing people and services that complement our clients existing internal systems and people.
  • Being flexible and adaptable to meet client’s needs, including assisting with change management to identify risk and corrective actions.
  • Measuring and monitoring the project variables against project management plans and performance targets.
  • Manage all areas of the project through:
    i) Beyond Software – a cloud based collaborative program with an automated time and billing system and real time visibility into projects. This software streamlines our project processes creating efficiencies in delivery.
    ii) Microsoft Project – Facilitates project planning and scheduling including critical path identification and monitoring to keep projects on track.

Projects Experience

Our experience in delivering benefits for our clients has come from projects throughout Northern and Central Queensland.  We have successfully delivered projects up to $50 million, and target work in minerals processing, materials handling and general heavy construction.

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