Convertor Hoods Replacement

  • Client: Xstrata Copper
  • Location:Copper Smelter, Mount Isa Mine
  • Timeline:2006 - 2007
  • Contract Value:$2 Million approx.
  • Contract Type:Target Cost Contract
  • Services:
    • Structural, Mechanical & Piping Installation

Client Need

This project involved improvements to the Mount Isa Mine Copper Smelter to reduce fugitive emissions and increase the capture of blast furnace off-gases for treatment in the acid plant.  The project was part of Xstrata Copper’s extensive campaign to improve environmental sustainability across operations and minimise impact on the environment. 

Project Description

Mineforce was responsible for the safe removal and replacement of existing hood cooling pipe work, hood water jackets, primary hoods and cross over flue assemblies.  All works were carried out during individual convertor shutdowns within an operating plant and had to be coordinated with activities of other contractors to minimise shut down duration.  Works were executed on two work fronts, externally utilizing Xstrata’s permanent Favco tower crane and internally within the Copper Smelter aisle using a 60T travelling gantry crane.

Scope of Work

  • All pre-shutdown preparation and pre-assembly activities.
  • Removal of all existing cooling water pipe work.
  • Refurbishment and re-installation of cooling water pipework and supply of new pipe work where damaged.
  • Removal and re-installation of crossover flue assemblies.
  • Removal and replacement of convertor hood water jackets.
  • Modifications to crossover hoppers.
  • Removal and replacement of primary hoods.
  • Hydro testing and commissioning.

Highlights & Achievements

  • Successfully delivered a major rebuild within an operational plant, under extremely adverse conditions, without incident.
  • Instrumental in facilitating a ‘Target Cost’ arrangement with the client based on mutual confidence and as a result of Mineforce’s previous performances in difficult work environments.
  • Delivered works early (within half of the scheduled time frame), resulting in mutual financial benefits for both parties.