Underground Dewatering System

  • Client:Ernest Henry Mining
  • Location:Ernest Henry Mine, Cloncurry
  • Timeline:2012 - 2013
  • Contract Value:$3 Million approx. (combined)
  • Contract Type:Lump Sum
  • Services:
    • Structural & Piping Fabrication
    • Structural, Mechanical & Piping Installation

Client Need

In 2011 Ernest Henry Mine transitioned from open pit to an underground and magnetite processing mine.  The milestone represented the beginning of a new and extended future for Ernest Henry operations.  As part of the infrastructure for the new underground mine, Mineforce was commissioned to fabricate and install a dewatering system that would remove underground mine water and would be capable of handling emergency inflows.  This project followed on from the In Pit dewatering developments successfully installed by Mineforce the previous year.

Project Description

Mineforce’s responsibilities included structural and piping fabrication and structural, mechanical and piping installation works in the Underground Pump Station at 1325 level.

Scope of Work

  • Fabrication and installation of steelwork and pipework for 1325 Pump Stations – 40T structural steel and 34T pipe work
  • Fabrication and installation of Vertical Dams 1 and 2
  • Installation of Geho pumps (2 x 1350kW positive displacement slurry pumps at 80T each)
  • Installation of 2 x 1920kW Multistage pumps
  • Installation of Kone 25T double girder overhead crane
  • Transportation of all steelwork, pipework and pumps underground

Highlights & Achievements

  • Installation of SMP items within a 9m wide and 9m high pump station with single access point required significant logistics planning and sequencing.
  • Excellent safety record for the project with 27,751 hours LTI free and 1 MTI over the 11 month project.
  • Significant knowledge, skills and experience gained in the Ernest Henry Mine underground environment through close communication with the Principal’s project team.