Xstrata Copper Emissions Project

  • Client:Xstrata Copper
  • Location:Mount Isa Mine, Mount Isa
  • Timeline:2009 - 2010
  • Contract Value:$2 Million approx.
  • Contract Type:Schedule of Rates
  • Services:
    • Structural Fabrication
    • Civil & Structural Installation

Client Need

The Xstrata Copper Emissions project was a major initiative that involved reducing fugitive emissions and designing and implementing numerous operational and engineering controls to collect and reduce off-gases produced from each plant.  The core objective was to limit the potential health and environmental impacts on employees and the local community.  This project was vital in upholding Xstrata Copper’s sustainability commitments, as well as managing the potential impacts of the Federal Governments proposed emissions trading scheme.

Project Description

Mineforce was responsible for the fabrication, construction and civil works associated with capturing and treating emissions from the Copper Smelter.

Scope of Work

  • Fabrication and installation of ducting
  • Fabrication and installation of structural support steelwork
  • Fabrication, machining and installation of damper valves for ducting
  • Modifications and reinstallation of rotary furnace extraction hoods
  • Installation and commissioning of high volume extraction units

Highlights & Achievements

  • Installation was completed successfully amongst extreme working conditions in an operating smelting facility. 
  • Majority of the installation was completed using manual lifting devices due to restrictions on access for crane lifts.